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Los Angeles Clippers Most awarded players

Los Angeles Clippers players receiving NBA awards in team history (MVP, All-Star, All-NBA team, etc.) and most decorated players. Full Los Angeles Clippers NBA awards recipient list (number of times in parentheses when more than one).

NBA Most Valuable Player

Bob McAdoo.

NBA Scoring Leader

Bob McAdoo (3).

NBA Rebounding Leader

DeAndre Jordan (2), Michael Cage, Swen Nater.

NBA Assists Leader

Chris Paul (2), Ernie DiGregorio.

NBA Steals Leader

Chris Paul (3).

NBA Efficiency Leader (PER)

Bob McAdoo.

NBA 3-point Field Goals Leader

Brian Taylor.

All-Star Game Selection

Blake Griffin (5), Chris Paul (5), Bob McAdoo (4), Paul George (3), Bob Kauffman (3), Kawhi Leonard (3), Elton Brand (2), Danny Manning (2), Randy Smith (2), World B. Free, Marques Johnson, DeAndre Jordan, Chris Kaman, Norm Nixon.

All-Star Game MVP

Kawhi Leonard, Chris Paul, Randy Smith.

All-NBA First Team

Chris Paul (3), DeAndre Jordan, Kawhi Leonard, Bob McAdoo.

All-NBA Second Team

Blake Griffin (3), Chris Paul (2), Elton Brand, World B. Free, Kawhi Leonard, Bob McAdoo, Randy Smith.

All-NBA Third Team

DeAndre Jordan (2), Paul George, Blake Griffin, Dominique Wilkins.

NBA All-Defensive FirstTeam

Chris Paul (6), DeAndre Jordan (2).

NBA All-Defensive SecondTeam

Kawhi Leonard (2), Patrick Beverley.

NBA Rookie of the Year

Terry Cummings, Adrian Dantley, Ernie DiGregorio, Blake Griffin, Bob McAdoo.

NBA All-Rookie First Team

Terry Cummings, Adrian Dantley, Ernie DiGregorio, Blake Griffin, Bob McAdoo, Darius Miles, Lamar Odom, John Shumate, Charles Smith, Elmore Smith, Al Thornton.

NBA All-Rookie Second Team

Brent Barry, Eric Bledsoe, Shai Gilgeous-Alexa., Eric Gordon, Michael Olowokandi, Landry Shamet, Maurice Taylor.

NBA Sixth Man of the Year

Jamal Crawford (2), Louis Williams (2), Montrezl Harrell.

NBA Most Improved Player

Bobby Simmons.

NBA Sportsmanship Award

Elton Brand.

NBA Teammate of the Year

Chauncey Billups.

NBA Player of the Month

Chris Paul (3), Elton Brand, Blake Griffin, Tobias Harris, Freeman Williams.

NBA Player of the Week

Blake Griffin (6), Elton Brand (5), Chris Paul (4), Paul George (3), Kawhi Leonard (3), Derek Smith (3), Ron Harper (2), Chris Kaman (2), Louis Williams (2), Tobias Harris, Danny Manning, Swen Nater, Quentin Richardson, Loy Vaught.