Cleveland Cavaliers

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Cleveland Cavaliers Most awarded players

Cleveland Cavaliers players receiving NBA awards in team history (MVP, All-Star, All-NBA team, etc.) and most decorated players. Full Cleveland Cavaliers NBA awards recipient list (number of times in parentheses when more than one).

NBA Most Valuable Player

LeBron James (2).

NBA Finals Most Valuable Player

LeBron James.

NBA Scoring Leader

LeBron James.

NBA Rebounding Leader

Andre Drummond.

NBA Assists Leader

Andre Miller.

NBA Efficiency Leader (PER)

LeBron James (3).

NBA 3-point Field Goals Leader

Mike Bratz, Wesley Person.

All-Star Game Selection

LeBron James (10), Brad Daugherty (5), Kyrie Irving (4), Mark Price (4), Terrell Brandon (2), Zydrunas Ilgauskas (2), John Johnson (2), Kevin Love (2), Donovan Mitchell (2), Larry Nance (2), Jarrett Allen, Butch Beard, Austin Carr, Darius Garland, Tyrone Hill, Shawn Kemp, Mike Mitchell, Campy Russell, Lenny Wilkens, Mo Williams.

All-Star Game MVP

LeBron James (3), Kyrie Irving.

All-NBA First Team

LeBron James (8), Mark Price.

All-NBA Second Team

LeBron James (2), Donovan Mitchell.

All-NBA Third Team

Mark Price (3), Brad Daugherty, Kyrie Irving.

NBA All-Defensive FirstTeam

LeBron James (2), Evan Mobley, Larry Nance.

NBA All-Defensive SecondTeam

Jim Brewer (2), Larry Nance (2), Jim Cleamons, Bobby Phills, Anderson Varejao.

NBA Rookie of the Year

Kyrie Irving, LeBron James.

NBA All-Rookie First Team

Austin Carr, Brad Daugherty, Dwight Davis, Ron Harper, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Kyrie Irving, LeBron James, Brevin Knight, Andre Miller, Evan Mobley, Dion Waiters, John Williams.

NBA All-Rookie Second Team

Derek Anderson, Carlos Boozer, Terrell Brandon, Cedric Henderson, Chris Mihm, Isaac Okoro, Collin Sexton, Tristan Thompson, Tyler Zeller.

NBA Sportsmanship Award

Terrell Brandon.

NBA Citizenship Award

Austin Carr, Luol Deng, LeBron James, Eric Snow.

NBA Player of the Month

LeBron James (25), Donovan Mitchell.

NBA Player of the Week

LeBron James (42), Kyrie Irving (4), Terrell Brandon (2), Andre Miller (2), Donovan Mitchell (2), Mike Mitchell (2), Jarrett Allen, Carlos Boozer, Kenny Carr, Brad Daugherty, World B. Free, Darius Garland, Ron Harper, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Kevin Love, Larry Nance, Wesley Person, Hot Rod Williams.