2018 NBA DRAFT (Updated June 21, 2018)

  • 1. (1) DeAndre Ayton


    DeAndre Ayton

    Birth date: July 23, 1998Freshman
    Position: Center
    Ht: 2.16m/7ft1in • Wt: 113kg/249lbs
    Picked by: Suns

  • 2. (2) Marvin Bagley III


    Marvin Bagley III

    Birth date: March 14, 1999Freshman
    Position: Power forward
    Ht: 2.11m/6ft11in • Wt: 106kg/234lbs
    Picked by: Kings

  • 3. (5) Luka Doncic

    Real Madrid

    Luka Doncic

    Birth date: February 28, 1999No NCAA
    Position: Shooting guard/Point guard
    Ht: 1.98m/6ft6in • Wt: 99kg/218lbs
    Picked by: Hawks

  • 4. (3) Jaren Jackson Jr.

    Michigan St.

    Jaren Jackson Jr.

    Birth date: September 15, 1999Freshman
    Position: Center
    Ht: 2.11m/6ft11in • Wt: 107kg/236lbs
    Picked by: Grizzlies

  • 5. (8) Trae Young


    Trae Young

    Birth date: September 19, 1998Freshman
    Position: Point guard
    Ht: 1.88m/6ft2in • Wt: 82kg/181lbs
    Picked by: Mavericks

  • 6. (6) Mohamed Bamba


    Mohamed Bamba

    Birth date: May 12, 1998Freshman
    Position: Power forward/Center
    Ht: 2.13m/7ft0in • Wt: 102kg/225lbs
    Picked by: Magic

  • 7. (7) Wendell Carter Jr.


    Wendell Carter Jr.

    Birth date: April 16, 1999Freshman
    Position: Power forward/Center
    Ht: 2.08m/6ft10in • Wt: 117kg/258lbs
    Picked by: Bulls

  • 8. (11) Collin Sexton


    Collin Sexton

    Birth date: January 04, 1999Freshman
    Position: Point guard
    Ht: 1.91m/6ft3in • Wt: 86kg/190lbs
    Picked by: Cavaliers

  • 9. (9) Kevin Knox


    Kevin Knox

    Birth date: August 11, 1999Freshman
    Position: Small forward
    Ht: 2.06m/6ft9in • Wt: 98kg/216lbs
    Picked by: Knicks

  • 10. (10) Mikal Bridges


    Mikal Bridges

    Birth date: August 30, 1996Senior
    Position: Small forward/Shooting guard
    Ht: 2.01m/6ft7in • Wt: 87kg/192lbs
    Picked by: 76ers

  • 11. (12) Shai Gilgeous-Alexander


    Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

    Birth date: July 12, 1998Freshman
    Position: Point guard/Shooting guard
    Ht: 1.98m/6ft6in • Wt: 82kg/181lbs
    Picked by: Hornets

  • 12. (-) Miles Bridges

    Michigan St.

    Miles Bridges

    Birth date: March 21, 1998Sophomore
    Position: Small forward/Shooting guard
    Ht: 2.01m/6ft7in • Wt: 104kg/229lbs
    Picked by: Clippers

  • 13. (-) Jerome Robinson

    Boston College

    Jerome Robinson

    Birth date: February 22, 1997Junior
    Position: Point guard
    Ht: 1.96m/6ft5in • Wt: 86kg/190lbs
    Picked by: Clippers

  • 14. (4) Michael Porter Jr.


    Michael Porter Jr.

    Birth date: June 29, 1998Freshman
    Position: Small forward
    Ht: 2.08m/6ft10in • Wt: 96kg/212lbs
    Picked by: Nuggets

  • 15. (20) Troy Brown


    Troy Brown

    Birth date: July 28, 1999Freshman
    Position: Shooting guard
    Ht: 1.98m/6ft6in • Wt: 98kg/216lbs
    Picked by: Wizards

  • 16. (13) Zhaire Smith

    Texas Tech

    Zhaire Smith

    Birth date: June 04, 1999Freshman
    Position: Shooting guard
    Ht: 1.96m/6ft5in • Wt: 88kg/194lbs
    Picked by: Suns

  • 17. (17) Donte DiVincenzo


    Donte DiVincenzo

    Birth date: January 31, 1997Sophomore
    Position: Shooting guard
    Ht: 1.96m/6ft5in • Wt: 91kg/201lbs
    Picked by: Bucks

  • 18. (15) Lonnie Walker


    Lonnie Walker

    Birth date: December 14, 1998Freshman
    Position: Shooting guard
    Ht: 1.96m/6ft5in • Wt: 93kg/205lbs
    Picked by: Spurs

  • 19. (-) Kevin Huerter


    Kevin Huerter

    Birth date: August 27, 1998Sophomore
    Position: Shooting guard
    Ht: 2.01m/6ft7in • Wt: 86kg/190lbs
    Picked by: Hawks

  • 20. (-) Josh Okogie

    Georgia Tech

    Josh Okogie

    Birth date: September 01, 1998Sophomore
    Position: Shooting guard
    Ht: 1.93m/6ft4in • Wt: 96kg/212lbs
    Picked by: Timberwolves

Ranked out

Robert Williams (Texas A&M) (14), Khyri Thomas (Creighton) (16), Elie Okobo (Pau Orthez) (18), Mitchell Robinson (Western Kentucky) (19).

Formerly ranked

Trevon Duval (Duke), Brandon McCoy (UNLV), Dzanan Musa (Cdevita Zagreb), Bruce Brown (Miami), Hamidou Diallo (Kentucky), Gary Trent Jr. (Duke), Chandler Hutchison (Boise State), Daniel Gafford (Arkansas).

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