NBA market

Roster changes, trades and contracts

NBA teams payrolls 2023-24 season

Eastern Conference

Milwaukee Bucks
Miami Heat$186,079,574
Philadelphia 76ers$184,969,382
Boston Celtics$184,946,785
Chicago Bulls$166,720,606
Cleveland Cavaliers$165,819,171
Toronto Raptors$165,526,115
Brooklyn Nets$162,555,916
New York Knicks$161,513,615
Atlanta Hawks$158,282,715
Washington Wizards$142,045,053
Detroit Pistons$141,229,194
Charlotte Hornets$140,202,918
Orlando Magic$138,679,947
Indiana Pacers$128,678,628

Western Conference

Golden State Warriors
Los Angeles Clippers$198,174,320
Phoenix Suns$188,319,576
Denver Nuggets$179,243,682
New Orleans Pelicans$170,959,816
Dallas Mavericks$169,107,128
Minnesota Timberwolves$168,774,362
Los Angeles Lakers$168,361,099
Portland Trail Blazers$161,282,283
Sacramento Kings$157,159,243
Memphis Grizzlies$156,380,661
Houston Rockets$153,141,687
Oklahoma City Thunder$149,758,164
San Antonio Spurs$138,263,972
Utah Jazz$138,087,395

NBA highest salaries 2023-24 season

Top 20 NBA salaries

Stephen CurryStephen Curry
Kevin Durant$47,649,433
Joel Embiid$47,607,350
Nikola Jokic$47,607,350
LeBron James$47,607,350
Bradley Beal$46,741,590
Paul George$45,640,165
Kawhi Leonard$45,640,084
Giannis Antetokounmpo$45,640,084
Damian Lillard$45,640,084
Jimmy Butler$45,183,960
Klay Thompson$43,219,440
Rudy Gobert$41,000,000
Fred VanVleet$40,806,300
Anthony Davis$40,600,080
Luka Doncic$40,064,220
Zach LaVine$40,064,220
Trae Young$40,064,220
Tobias Harris$39,270,150
Kyrie Irving$38,781,278

Hispanic players salaries

Al HorfordAl Horford
Ricky Rubio$6,146,342
Chris Duarte$4,124,280
Usman Garuba$3,148,182
Santi Aldama$2,194,200
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