Los Angeles Lakers

Western Conference | Pacific Division

Los Angeles Lakers all-time best players

in NBA since 1948 | current roster

Previous names: Minneapolis Lakers (1948-1960).

Best players and coaches in the history of Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA. Best performers in regular season and playoffs, and most winning team coaches.

Franchise all-time best players (Regular season)

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar109334.356.75.673.
Magic Johnson90636.752.030.384.
Elgin Baylor84640.043.1--
Jerry West93239.247.4--
Kobe Bryant134636.144.732.983.
Shaquille O'Neal51437.657.50.053.311.
Wilt Chamberlain33943.760.5--47.519.24.3------17.7
James Worthy92632.452.
Pau Gasol42935.752.226.378.
LeBron James27135.350.834.471.

Franchise all-time best players (Playoffs)

Magic Johnson190--50.624.183.87.712.3------19.5
Shaquille O'Neal122--55.7--
Elgin Baylor134--43.9--76.912.94.0------27.0
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar180--
Wilt Chamberlain80--53.1--44.822.33.6------15.8

Franchise all-time best coaches (most wins)

Phil Jackson11610292.67611863.652
Pat Riley9533194.73310247.685
John Kundla11423302.5836035.632
Fred Schaus7315245.5633338.465
Bill Sharman5246164.6002215.595

Players choice showed in this page is automatically generated and updated depending on objective criteria -player stats and games played with the team- and it doesn't represents the web editors' opinion.

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