New Orleans Pelicans

Western Conference | Southwest Division

New Orleans Pelicans all-time best players

in NBA since 2002 | current roster

Previous names: New Orleans Hornets (2007-2013), New Orleans-Oklahoma City Hornets (2005-2007), New Orleans Hornets (2002-2005).

Best players and coaches in the history of New Orleans Pelicans in the NBA. Best performers in regular season and playoffs, and most winning team coaches.

Franchise all-time best players (Regular season)

Anthony Davis46634.651.731.479.510.
Chris Paul42537.147.135.985.
David West53032.449.026.483.
Jrue Holiday41533.546.234.677.
Brandon Ingram28633.847.
Zion Williamson18331.859.
DeMarcus Cousins6535.646.535.975.312.
Jonas Valanciunas23426.154.934.381.
P.J. Brown31533.547.
C.J. McCollum16634.045.540.976.

Franchise all-time best players (Playoffs)

Anthony Davis13--52.625.
Zion Williamson1--
Chris Paul23--49.333.979.95.311.1------21.9
Jonas Valanciunas15--50.315.474.212.92.2------14.3
David West24--45.650.

Franchise all-time best coaches (most wins)

Byron Scott6203216.48489.471
Alvin Gentry5175226.43654.556
Monty Williams5173221.43928.200
Willie Green3124122.504510.333
Paul Silas14735.57324.333

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