Sacramento Kings

Western Conference | Pacific Division

Sacramento Kings all-time best players

in NBA since 1948 | current roster

Previous names: Kansas City Kings (1975-1985), Kansas City-Omaha Kings (1972-1975), Cincinnati Royals (1957-1972), Rochester Royals (1948-1957).

Best players and coaches in the history of Sacramento Kings in the NBA. Best performers in regular season and playoffs, and most winning team coaches.

Franchise all-time best players (Regular season)

Oscar Robertson75244.048.9--83.78.510.3------29.3
Jerry Lucas46543.149.7--78.419.13.0------19.6
Sam Lacey88833.844.216.773.710.
Jack Twyman82331.845.0--
Nate Archibald43340.546.7--
Chris Webber37738.847.323.869.
DeMarcus Cousins47031.945.932.273.410.
Wayne Embry60329.244.6--64.310.41.6------14.1
Mitch Richmond51737.845.340.484.
Scott Wedman54634.748.732.380.

Franchise all-time best players (Playoffs)

Oscar Robertson39--46.1--
Jerry Lucas23--44.4--
Chris Webber53--45.316.762.99.84.1------21.7
Sam Lacey29--
Mike Bibby51--41.836.683.63.65.6------17.9

Franchise all-time best coaches (most wins)

Rick Adelman8395229.6333435.493
Lester Harrison7295181.6201919.500
Cotton Fitzsimmons6248244.504917.346
Phil Johnson8236306.43527.222
Jack McMahon4187134.583815.348

Players choice showed in this page is automatically generated and updated depending on objective criteria -player stats and games played with the team- and it doesn't represents the web editors' opinion.

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