Portland Trail Blazers

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Portland Trail Blazers all-time best players

in NBA since 1970 | current roster

Previous names: None.

Best players and coaches in the history of Portland Trail Blazers in the NBA. Best performers in regular season and playoffs, and most winning team coaches.

Franchise all-time best players (Regular season)

Clyde Drexler86734.047.830.378.
Damian Lillard76936.343.937.
LaMarcus Aldridge64835.548.527.679.
Sidney Wicks39838.846.0--71.310.34.11.2--0.822.3
Terry Porter75831.647.038.584.
Mychal Thompson55134.350.
Jerome Kersey83126.247.619.869.
Rasheed Wallace54435.549.733.571.
Bill Walton20933.751.0--67.413.
Cliff Robinson64430.844.634.967.

Franchise all-time best players (Playoffs)

Bill Walton21--51.3--68.814.85.1------17.7
Clyde Drexler94--45.025.979.27.16.8------21.4
Damian Lillard62--41.236.989.04.56.3------25.8
Terry Porter84--48.439.
Jerome Kersey91--47.87.772.06.52.3------15.3

Franchise all-time best coaches (most wins)

Jack Ramsay10453367.5522930.492
Terry Stotts9402318.5582340.365
Rick Adelman6291154.6543633.522
Nate McMillan7266269.497612.333
Mike Dunleavy4190106.6421818.500

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