Detroit Falcons

Former NBA franchise. Team played in the league between 1946 and 1947

Detroit Falcons all-time best players

Played in NBA between 1946 and 1947

Previous names: None.

Best players and coaches in the history of Detroit Falcons in the NBA. Best performers in regular season and playoffs, and most winning team coaches.

Franchise all-time best players (Regular season)

Stan Miasek60--28.7--60.5--1.6------14.9
John Janisch60--28.8--66.2--0.8------11.6
Harold Brown54--24.8--63.2--0.7------4.9
Tom King58--23.7--63.1--0.6------5.1
George Pearcy37--23.8--72.7--0.4------2.5
Chet Aubuchon30--25.3--54.3--0.7------2.2
Harold Johnson27--20.0--50.0--0.4------0.6
Art Stolkey23--22.0--68.2--1.7------4.4
Henry Pearcy29--22.2--73.5--0.2------2.5
Grady Lewis60--20.4--54.3--0.9------4.8

Franchise all-time best players (Playoffs)

No data available

Franchise all-time best coaches (most wins)

No data

Players choice showed in this page is automatically generated and updated depending on objective criteria -player stats and games played with the team- and it doesn't represents the web editors' opinion.

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