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Previous names: Minneapolis Lakers (1948-1960).

Los Angeles Lakers results in NBA history by season. NBA titles and finals, wins and losses in regular season, points scored and received, regular season final place and playoff round reached.

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NBA titles and finals


1949 (vs Capitols 4-2), 1950 (vs Nationals 4-2), 1952 (vs Knicks 4-3), 1953 (vs Knicks 4-1), 1954 (vs Nationals 4-3), 1972 (vs Knicks 4-1), 1980 (vs 76ers 4-2), 1982 (vs 76ers 4-2), 1985 (vs Celtics 4-2), 1987 (vs Celtics 4-2), 1988 (vs Pistons 4-3), 2000 (vs Pacers 4-2), 2001 (vs 76ers 4-1), 2002 (vs Nets 4-0), 2009 (vs Magic 4-1), 2010 (vs Celtics 4-3), 2020 (vs Heat 4-2).


1959 (vs Celtics 4-0), 1962 (vs Celtics 4-3), 1963 (vs Celtics 4-2), 1965 (vs Celtics 4-1), 1966 (vs Celtics 4-3), 1968 (vs Celtics 4-2), 1969 (vs Celtics 4-3), 1970 (vs Knicks 4-3), 1973 (vs Knicks 4-1), 1983 (vs 76ers 4-0), 1984 (vs Celtics 4-3), 1989 (vs Pistons 4-0), 1991 (vs Bulls 4-1), 2004 (vs Pistons 4-1), 2008 (vs Celtics 4-2).

Los Angeles Lakers all-time NBA seasons

Standings by season
SeasonWLW/L %PPGPPGAP.Playoffs
2022-234339.524117.2116.67Lost Western Conference Finals
2020-214230.583109.5106.87Lost Eastern Conference First Round
2019-205219.732113.4107.61NBA champion
2012-134537.549102.21017Lost Eastern Conference First Round
2011-124125.62197.395.93Lost Western Conference Semifinals
2010-115725.695101.595.42Lost Western Conference Semifinals
2009-105725.695101.7971NBA champion
2008-096517.793106.999.31NBA champion
2007-085725.695108.6101.31Lost NBA Finals
2006-074240.512103.3103.47Lost Eastern Conference First Round
2005-064537.54999.496.97Lost Eastern Conference First Round
2003-045626.68398.294.32Lost NBA Finals
2002-035032.610100.4985Lost Western Conference Semifinals
2001-025824.707101.394.13NBA champion
2000-015626.683100.697.22NBA champion
1999-006715.817100.892.31NBA champion
1998-993119.62099964Lost Western Conference Semifinals
1997-986121.744105.597.83Lost Western Conference Finals
1996-975626.68310095.74Lost Western Conference Semifinals
1995-965329.646102.998.54Lost Eastern Conference First Round
1994-954834.585105.1105.35Lost Western Conference Semifinals
1992-933943.476104.2105.58Lost Eastern Conference First Round
1991-924339.524100.4101.58Lost Eastern Conference First Round
1990-915824.707106.399.63Lost NBA Finals
1989-906319.768110.7103.91Lost Western Conference Semifinals
1988-895725.695114.7107.51Lost NBA Finals
1987-886220.756112.81071NBA champion
1986-876517.793117.8108.51NBA champion
1985-866220.756117.3109.51Lost Western Conference Finals
1984-856220.756118.2110.91NBA champion
1983-845428.659115.6111.81Lost NBA Finals
1982-835824.707115109.51Lost NBA Finals
1981-825725.695114.6109.81NBA champion
1980-815428.659111.2107.33Lost Eastern Conference First Round
1979-806022.732115.1109.21NBA champion
1978-794735.573112.9109.95Lost Western Conference Semifinals
1977-784537.549110.3107.65Lost Eastern Conference First Round
1976-775329.646106.9104.11Lost Western Conference Finals
1973-744735.573109.2108.32Lost Western Conference Semifinals
1972-736022.732111.7103.22Lost NBA Finals
1971-726913.841121108.71NBA champion
1970-714834.585114.8111.72Lost Western Conference Finals
1969-704636.561113.7111.82Lost NBA Finals
1968-695527.671112.2108.11Lost NBA Finals
1967-685230.634121.2115.62Lost NBA Finals
1966-673645.444120.5120.23Lost Western Division Semifinals
1965-664535.563119.5116.41Lost NBA Finals
1964-654931.613111.9109.91Lost NBA Finals
1963-644238.525109.7108.73Lost Western Division Semifinals
1962-635327.663115.5112.41Lost NBA Finals
1961-625426.675118.5116.31Lost NBA Finals
1960-613643.456114114.12Lost Western Division Finals
1959-602550.333107.3111.53Lost Western Division Finals
1958-593339.458106107.32Lost NBA Finals
1956-573438.472102.3103.12Lost Western Division Finals
1955-563339.45899.3100.22Lost Western Division Semifinals
1954-554032.55695.694.52Lost Western Division Finals
1953-544626.63981.778.61NBA champion
1952-534822.68685.379.21NBA champion
1951-524026.60685.679.52NBA champion
1950-514424.64782.877.41Lost Western Division Finals
1949-505117.75084.175.71NBA champion
1948-494416.7338476.72NBA champion
(*) W.- Won games. L.- Lost games. % W/L.- Win-Loss percentage. PPG.- Average points scored per game. PPGA.- Average points per game allowed. P.- Conference/division position in regular season (NBA conferences were created in 1970-71 season)