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2018-19 SEASON

Phoenix Suns players' full stats for the 2018-19 season. Best scorers, team leaders in each stats category, average stats per player, most usual starting unit and Phoenix Suns numbers comparison with the rivals the team has played against in the 2018-19 regular season and playoffs.

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2018-19 regular season stats 2018-19 season

Player averages

D. Booker646435.
T. Warren433631.618.
K. Oubre401229.516.
D. Ayton717030.716.310.30.91.8
J. Jackson792925.
T. Johnson131231.
T. Ariza*262634.
M. Bridges825629.
R. Holmes70416.
J. Crawford64018.
I. Canaan*191526.
T. Daniels51114.
E. Okobo531618.
D. Melton503119.
D. Bender462718.
E. Terry*
R. Spalding13311.
R. Anderson*15818.
T. Chandler*7012.
J. Fredette6010.
Q. Acy*10012.
J. Evans*709.
E. Moreland*
G. King*

GP.- Games played GS.- Games started MP.- Minutes played PTS.- Points scored RB.- Total rebounds BL.- Blocks As.- Assists

(*) Player Is no longer With team.

Shooting stats

E. Terry*65.466.70,050.0
T. Chandler*65.366.70,055.6
R. Holmes64.760.80,073.1
D. Ayton60.858.50.074.6
D. Booker58.446.732.686.6
T. Warren58.048.642.881.5
T. Daniels55.841.138.178.3
M. Bridges55.643.033.580.5
K. Oubre55.545.332.576.1
T. Ariza*52.537.936.083.7
J. Crawford52.239.733.284.5
D. Bender52.144.721.859.3
R. Spalding51.653.20.033.3
I. Canaan*51.539.534.775.0
T. Johnson50.636.832.187.2
E. Okobo48.939.329.578.7
J. Jackson48.741.332.467.1
D. Melton46.639.130.575.0
R. Anderson*42.331.720.678.6
Q. Acy*37.922.213.370.0
J. Fredette34.827.60.0100.0
J. Evans*,0
E. Moreland*0.00,00,00,0
G. King*0.00,00,00,0

TS.- True shooting percentage=100*PTS/(2*(FGA+0.44*FTA)) FG.- Field goals 3P.- 3-pointers FT.- Free throws

(*) Player Is no longer With team.

Efficiency and other stats

D. Booker23.
D. Ayton22.
T. Warren16.
K. Oubre15.
T. Ariza*
T. Johnson13.
R. Holmes12.
M. Bridges10.
J. Jackson10.
I. Canaan*
D. Melton7.
T. Chandler*
J. Crawford7.
D. Bender7.
E. Terry*
R. Spalding6.
E. Okobo5.
T. Daniels5.
R. Anderson*
Q. Acy*
E. Moreland*
J. Fredette2.
J. Evans*
G. King*

EF.- Efficiency=PT+RB+BL+AS+ST-TO-(FGA-FGC)-(FTA-FTC) ST.- Steals TO.- Turnovers PF.- Personal fouls TF.- Technical fouls (total) EF36.- Efficiency to 36 minutes

(*) Player is no longer with team.

2018-19 playoffs stats 2018-19 season

Team has not played in the playoffs