Sacramento Kings

Western Conference | Pacific Division

City: Sacramento (California)

Population: 467,343 people (2,127,400 people in the metropolitan area)

Arena: Golden 1 Center (17,500 seats)

Owner/s: Vivek Ranadive

General Manager: Vlade Divac

Camiseta de Sacramento Kings

Team record

NBA titles: 1

Conference titles: 1

Division titles: 5

Playoff appearences: 28

Sacramento Kings 2016-17 roster

  • Point guards

    • 7  

      Darren Collison


      Age: 29

      NBA seasons: 7



      Garrett Temple


      Age: 30

      NBA seasons: 6

      Louisiana State

  • Shooting guards

  • Small forwards


      Lamar Patterson


      Age: 25

      NBA seasons: 1



      Matt Barnes


      Age: 36

      NBA seasons: 13


    • 8  

      Rudy Gay


      Age: 30

      NBA seasons: 10


  • Power forwards

  • Centers

Unsigned draft picks: Isaiah Cousins (59).

Coaching staff

Head coach


Elston Turner, Duane Ticknor, Bryan Gates, Nancy Lieberman, Bob Thornton, Jason March, Larry Lewis, Chip Schaefer (Trainer).

Team salaries

DeMarcus Cousins16,957,900 (2)
Rudy Gay13,333,333 (2)
Arron Afflalo12,500,000 (2)
Kosta Koufos8,046,500 (3)
Garrett Temple8,000,000 (3)
Anthony Tolliver8,000,000 (2)
Matt Barnes6,125,000 (2)
Darren Collison5,229,454 (1)
Ben McLemore4,008,882 (1)
Willie Cauley-Stein3,551,160 (3)
Omri Casspi2,963,814 (1)
Georgios Papagiannis2,202,240 (4)
Malachi Richardson1,439,880 (4)
Skal Labissiere1,188,840 (4)
Lamar Patterson*874,636 (1)

Sacramento Kings in the 2015-16 season

Starting lineup

  • Rajon Rondo

    Rajon Rondo

  • Ben McLemore

    Ben McLemore

  • Rudy Gay

    Rudy Gay

  • Willie Cauley-Stein

    Willie Cauley-Stein

  • DeMarcus Cousins

    DeMarcus Cousins

Last starting five

  • Seth Curry

    Seth Curry

  • Ben McLemore

    Ben McLemore

  • James Anderson

    James Anderson

  • Willie Cauley-Stein

    Willie Cauley-Stein

  • Kosta Koufos

    Kosta Koufos

Stats leaders

  • Points

    DeMarcus CousinsDeMarcus Cousins
    Rudy Gay17.2
    Darren Collison14.0
  • Rebounds

    DeMarcus CousinsDeMarcus Cousins
    Rudy Gay6.5
    Rajon Rondo6.0
  • Assists

    Rajon RondoRajon Rondo
    Darren Collison4.3
    DeMarcus Cousins3.3
  • Blocks

    DeMarcus Cousins1.4
    Willie Cauley-Stein1.0
    Kosta Koufos0.9
  • Steals

    Rajon Rondo2.0
    DeMarcus Cousins1.6
    Rudy Gay1.4
  • Efficiency

    DeMarcus Cousins26.7
    Rajon Rondo21.1
    Rudy Gay17.1
  • % Field goals

    Willie Cauley-Stein56.3
    Quincy Acy55.6
    Kosta Koufos53.2
  • % 3-pointers

    Seth Curry45.1
    Omri Casspi40.9
    Darren Collison40.1
  • % Free throws

    Darren Collison85.8
    Marco Belinelli83.3
    Seth Curry83.3
  • Field goals attempts

    DeMarcus Cousins20.5
    Rudy Gay14.4
    Rajon Rondo10.9
  • Minutes played

    Rajon Rondo35.2
    DeMarcus Cousins34.6
    Rudy Gay34.0
  • Turnovers

    Rajon Rondo3.9
    DeMarcus Cousins3.8
    Rudy Gay2.0
  • Personal faults

    DeMarcus Cousins3.6
    Rudy Gay2.6
    Rajon Rondo2.4
  • (At least 50% games played. In shooting percentages, at least 40 (FG), 20 (3P) and 30 (FT) attempts at the end of the season)

Stats to 36 minutes

  • Points

    DeMarcus CousinsDeMarcus Cousins
    Rudy Gay18.2
    Darren Collison16.8
  • Rebounds

    DeMarcus CousinsDeMarcus Cousins
    Kosta Koufos10.3
    Willie Cauley-Stein9.0
  • Assists

    Rajon RondoRajon Rondo
    Darren Collison5.2
    Seth Curry3.5
  • Blocks

    Kosta Koufos1.7
    Willie Cauley-Stein1.7
    DeMarcus Cousins1.5
  • Steals

    Rajon Rondo2.0
    DeMarcus Cousins1.6
    Rudy Gay1.5
  • Efficiency

    DeMarcus Cousins27.8
    Rajon Rondo21.5
    Kosta Koufos19.2
  • Field goals attempts

    DeMarcus Cousins21.4
    Rudy Gay15.2
    Marco Belinelli13.7
  • 3-point attempts

    Marco Belinelli6.4
    Seth Curry5.8
    Omri Casspi5.2
  • Free throws attempts

    DeMarcus Cousins10.6
    Rudy Gay3.8
    Darren Collison3.7
  • Turnovers

    DeMarcus Cousins4.0
    Rajon Rondo3.9
    Ben McLemore2.5
  • Personal faults

    Kosta Koufos4.5
    Quincy Acy4.2
    DeMarcus Cousins3.8
  • (At least 200 minutes played at the end of the season)