Miami Heat

Eastern Conference | Southeast Division

City: Miami (Florida)

Population: 404,048 people (5,547,100 people in the metropolitan area)

Arena: American Airlines Arena (19,600 seats)

Owner/s: Micky Arison

General Manager: Pat Riley

Camiseta de Miami Heat

Team record

NBA titles: 3

Conference titles: 5

Division titles: 12

Playoff appearences: 19

Miami Heat 2016-17 roster

  • Point guards

    • 12  

      Briante Weber


      Age: 23

      NBA seasons: 1

      Virginia Commonwealth

    • 7  

      Goran Dragic


      Age: 30

      NBA seasons: 8


    • 8   (RA)

      Tyler Johnson


      Age: 24

      NBA seasons: 2

      Fresno State

  • Shooting guards

    • 3   (FA)

      Dwyane Wade


      Age: 34

      NBA seasons: 13


    • 0  

      Josh Richardson


      Age: 22

      NBA seasons: 1


    • 2   (FA)

      Joe Johnson


      Age: 34

      NBA seasons: 15


    • 14   (FA)

      Gerald Green


      Age: 30

      NBA seasons: 9

      Gulf Shores Acad (TX)

  • Small forwards

    • 20  

      Justise Winslow


      Age: 20

      NBA seasons: 1


    • 9   (FA)

      Luol Deng


      Age: 31

      NBA seasons: 12


    • 11   (FA)

      Dorell Wright


      Age: 30

      NBA seasons: 11

      Leuzinger HS (CA)

  • Power forwards

    • 40   (FA)

      Udonis Haslem


      Age: 36

      NBA seasons: 13


    • 4  

      Josh McRoberts


      Age: 29

      NBA seasons: 9


    • 1  

      Chris Bosh


      Age: 32

      NBA seasons: 13

      Georgia Tech

  • Centers

    • 5   (FA)

      Amar'e Stoudemire


      Age: 33

      NBA seasons: 14

      Cypress Creek HS (FL)

    • 21   (FA)

      Hassan Whiteside


      Age: 27

      NBA seasons: 4


* (FA).- Free agent., (RA).- Restricted free agent.

Coaching staff

Head coach

Erik Spoelstra


Juwan Howard, Chris Quinn, Jay Sabol (Trainer).

Team salaries

Chris Bosh23,741,060 (3)
Goran Dragic15,891,725 (4)
Josh McRoberts5,782,450 (2)
Justise Winslow2,593,440 (3)
Tyler JohnsonRestricted f.a.
Briante Weber*874,636 (2)
Joshua Richardson*874,636 (2)
D. WadeFree agent
J. JohnsonFree agent
G. GreenFree agent
L. DengFree agent
D. WrightFree agent
U. HaslemFree agent
A. StoudemireFree agent
H. WhitesideFree agent

Miami Heat in the 2015-16 season

Starting lineup

  • Goran Dragic

    Goran Dragic

  • Dwyane Wade

    Dwyane Wade

  • Luol Deng

    Luol Deng

  • Chris Bosh

    Chris Bosh

  • Hassan Whiteside

    Hassan Whiteside

Last starting five

  • Goran Dragic

    Goran Dragic

  • Dwyane Wade

    Dwyane Wade

  • Joe Johnson

    Joe Johnson

  • Justise Winslow

    Justise Winslow

  • Luol Deng

    Luol Deng

Stats leaders

  • Points

    Chris BoshChris Bosh
    Dwyane Wade19.0
    Hassan Whiteside14.2
  • Rebounds

    Hassan WhitesideHassan Whiteside
    Chris Bosh7.4
    Luol Deng6.0
  • Assists

    Goran DragicGoran Dragic
    Dwyane Wade4.6
    Chris Bosh2.4
  • Blocks

    Hassan Whiteside3.7
    Amar'e Stoudemire0.8
    Chris Bosh0.6
  • Steals

    Dwyane Wade1.1
    Luol Deng1.0
    Goran Dragic1.0
  • Efficiency

    Hassan Whiteside23.6
    Chris Bosh19.9
    Dwyane Wade16.8
  • % Field goals

    Hassan Whiteside60.6
    Amar'e Stoudemire56.6
    Joe Johnson51.8
  • % 3-pointers

    Joshua Richardson46.1
    Joe Johnson41.7
    Tyler Johnson38.0
  • % Free throws

    Tyler Johnson79.7
    Chris Bosh79.5
    Dwyane Wade79.3
  • Field goals attempts

    Dwyane Wade16.0
    Chris Bosh14.5
    Goran Dragic12.2
  • Minutes played

    Chris Bosh33.5
    Goran Dragic32.8
    Luol Deng32.4
  • Turnovers

    Dwyane Wade2.7
    Goran Dragic2.6
    Hassan Whiteside1.9
  • Personal faults

    Hassan Whiteside2.8
    Goran Dragic2.6
    Justise Winslow2.4
  • (At least 50% games played. In shooting percentages, at least 40 (FG), 20 (3P) and 30 (FT) attempts at the end of the season)

Stats to 36 minutes

  • Points

    Dwyane WadeDwyane Wade
    Chris Bosh20.5
    Hassan Whiteside17.6
  • Rebounds

    Hassan WhitesideHassan Whiteside
    Amar'e Stoudemire10.5
    Udonis Haslem10.4
  • Assists

    Goran DragicGoran Dragic
    Beno Udrih5.5
    Dwyane Wade5.5
  • Blocks

    Hassan Whiteside4.6
    Amar'e Stoudemire1.9
    Josh Richardson0.8
  • Steals

    Dwyane Wade1.3
    Josh Richardson1.2
    Luol Deng1.1
  • Efficiency

    Hassan Whiteside29.2
    Chris Bosh21.4
    Amar'e Stoudemire21.2
  • Field goals attempts

    Dwyane Wade18.9
    Chris Bosh15.5
    Gerald Green13.6
  • 3-point attempts

    Gerald Green6.0
    Chris Bosh4.5
    Joe Johnson3.9
  • Free throws attempts

    Dwyane Wade6.5
    Hassan Whiteside5.6
    Chris Bosh5.4
  • Turnovers

    Dwyane Wade3.2
    Goran Dragic2.8
    Beno Udrih2.6
  • Personal faults

    Amar'e Stoudemire4.3
    Josh McRoberts4.1
    Josh Richardson3.5
  • (At least 200 minutes played at the end of the season)