Los Angeles Clippers

Western Conference | Pacific Division

City: Los Angeles (California)

Population: 3,849,378 people (12,874,800 people in the metropolitan area)

Arena: Staples Center (18,997 seats)

Owner/s: Steve Ballmer

General Manager: Doc Rivers

Camiseta de Los Angeles Clippers

Team record

NBA titles: 0

Conference titles: 0

Division titles: 2

Playoff appearences: 12

Los Angeles Clippers 2016-17 roster

  • Point guards

    • 3  Chris Paul

      Chris Paul


      Age: 31

      NBA seasons: 11

      Wake Forest

    • 2  Raymond Felton

      Raymond Felton


      Age: 32

      NBA seasons: 11

      North Carolina

    • 1  Xavier Munford

      Xavier Munford


      Age: 24

      NBA seasons: 1

      Rhode Island

    • 25  Austin Rivers

      Austin Rivers


      Age: 24

      NBA seasons: 4


  • Shooting guards

    • 11  Jamal Crawford

      Jamal Crawford


      Age: 36

      NBA seasons: 16


    • 4  J.J. Redick

      J.J. Redick


      Age: 32

      NBA seasons: 10


    • 9  Alan Anderson

      Alan Anderson


      Age: 33

      NBA seasons: 7

      Michigan State

  • Small forwards

    • 33  Wesley Johnson

      Wesley Johnson


      Age: 29

      NBA seasons: 6


    • 34  Paul Pierce

      Paul Pierce


      Age: 38

      NBA seasons: 18


    • 8  Dorell Wright

      Dorell Wright


      Age: 30

      NBA seasons: 12

      Leuzinger HS (CA)

    • 12  Luc Mbah a Moute

      Luc Mbah a Moute


      Age: 30

      NBA seasons: 8


  • Power forwards

    • 30  Brandon Bass

      Brandon Bass


      Age: 31

      NBA seasons: 11

      Louisiana State

    • 10  Brice Johnson

      Brice Johnson


      Age: 22


      North Carolina

    • 32  Blake Griffin

      Blake Griffin


      Age: 27

      NBA seasons: 6


  • Centers

Coaching staff

Head coach

  • Doc Rivers

    Doc Rivers

    54 años

    17 years as NBA head coach



Mike Woodson, Sam Cassell, Brendan O'Connor, Armond Hill, Pat Sullivan, John Welch, Dee Brown, J.P. Clark, Jasen Powell (Trainer).

Team salaries

Chris Paul22,868,828 (2)
DeAndre Jordan21,165,675 (3)
Blake Griffin20,140,838 (2)
Jamal Crawford13,253,012 (3)
Austin Rivers11,000,000 (3)
J.J. Redick7,377,500 (1)
Wesley Johnson5,628,000 (3)
Paul Pierce3,527,920 (2)
Luc Mbah a Moute2,203,000 (2)
Raymond Felton1,551,659 (1)
Dorell Wright*1,551,659 (1)
Brandon Bass1,551,659 (1)
Marreese Speights1,403,611 (2)
Alan Anderson1,315,448 (1)
Brice Johnson1,273,920 (4)
Xavier Munford*874,636 (1)
Diamond Stone543,471 (2)

Los Angeles Clippers in the 2015-16 season

Starting lineup

  • Chris Paul

    Chris Paul

  • J.J. Redick

    J.J. Redick

  • Paul Pierce

    Paul Pierce

  • Luc Mbah a Moute

    Luc Mbah a Moute

  • DeAndre Jordan

    DeAndre Jordan

Last starting five

  • Austin Rivers

    Austin Rivers

  • J.J. Redick

    J.J. Redick

  • Luc Mbah a Moute

    Luc Mbah a Moute

  • Jeff Green

    Jeff Green

  • DeAndre Jordan

    DeAndre Jordan

Stats leaders

  • Points

    Chris PaulChris Paul
    J.J. Redick16.3
    Jamal Crawford14.2
  • Rebounds

    DeAndre JordanDeAndre Jordan
    Cole Aldrich4.8
    Chris Paul4.2
  • Assists

    Chris PaulChris Paul
    Jamal Crawford2.3
    Pablo Prigioni2.2
  • Blocks

    DeAndre Jordan2.3
    Cole Aldrich1.1
    Wesley Johnson0.7
  • Steals

    Chris Paul2.1
    Wesley Johnson1.1
    Pablo Prigioni0.9
  • Efficiency

    Chris Paul24.8
    DeAndre Jordan22.7
    J.J. Redick12.8
  • % Field goals

    DeAndre Jordan70.3
    Cole Aldrich59.6
    Blake Griffin49.9
  • % 3-pointers

    J.J. Redick47.5
    Lance Stephenson40.4
    C.J. Wilcox39.1
  • % Free throws

    Jamal Crawford90.4
    Chris Paul89.6
    J.J. Redick88.8
  • Field goals attempts

    Chris Paul15.1
    Jamal Crawford11.9
    J.J. Redick11.7
  • Minutes played

    DeAndre Jordan33.7
    Chris Paul32.7
    J.J. Redick28.0
  • Turnovers

    Chris Paul2.6
    Jamal Crawford1.4
    DeAndre Jordan1.4
  • Personal faults

    DeAndre Jordan2.7
    Chris Paul2.5
    Cole Aldrich2.3
  • (At least 50% games played. In shooting percentages, at least 40 (FG), 20 (3P) and 30 (FT) attempts at the end of the season)

Stats to 36 minutes

  • Points

    Blake GriffinBlake Griffin
    Chris Paul21.5
    J.J. Redick21.0
  • Rebounds

    DeAndre JordanDeAndre Jordan
    Cole Aldrich13.0
    Josh Smith9.8
  • Assists

    Chris PaulChris Paul
    Pablo Prigioni5.7
    Blake Griffin5.2
  • Blocks

    Cole Aldrich3.1
    Josh Smith2.7
    DeAndre Jordan2.5
  • Steals

    Pablo Prigioni2.3
    Chris Paul2.3
    Cole Aldrich2.1
  • Efficiency

    Chris Paul27.2
    Cole Aldrich27.1
    Blake Griffin25.2
  • Field goals attempts

    Blake Griffin18.5
    Chris Paul16.6
    Jamal Crawford15.9
  • 3-point attempts

    J.J. Redick7.2
    Paul Pierce7.1
    Wesley Johnson6.7
  • Free throws attempts

    DeAndre Jordan8.6
    Blake Griffin6.0
    Chris Paul4.9
  • Turnovers

    Josh Smith3.2
    Chris Paul2.9
    Cole Aldrich2.9
  • Personal faults

    Cole Aldrich6.3
    Josh Smith4.9
    Lance Stephenson4.2
  • (At least 200 minutes played at the end of the season)