Milwaukee Bucks

Eastern Conference | Central Division

NBA schedule Milwaukee Bucks - 2022-23 season

Milwaukee Bucks games. 2022-23 season

Thu 20MILWAUKEE BUCKSPhiladelphia 76ers90-88
Sat 22Houston RocketsMILWAUKEE BUCKS105-125
Wed 26Brooklyn NetsMILWAUKEE BUCKS99-110
Fri 28New York KnicksMILWAUKEE BUCKS108-119
Sat 29Atlanta HawksMILWAUKEE BUCKS115-123
Mon 31Detroit PistonsMILWAUKEE BUCKS108-110
Wed 02Detroit PistonsMILWAUKEE BUCKS91-116
Fri 04MILWAUKEE BUCKSMinnesota Timberwolves115-102
Sat 05Oklahoma City ThunderMILWAUKEE BUCKS94-108
Mon 07Milwaukee BucksATLANTA HAWKS98-117
Wed 09MILWAUKEE BUCKSOklahoma City Thunder136-132
Fri 11Milwaukee BucksSAN ANTONIO SPURS93-111
Mon 14ATLANTA HAWKSMilwaukee Bucks121-106
Wed 16Cleveland CavaliersMILWAUKEE BUCKS98-113
Fri 18Milwaukee BucksPHILADELPHIA 76ERS102-110
Mon 21Portland Trail BlazersMILWAUKEE BUCKS111-119
Wed 23CHICAGO BULLSMilwaukee Bucks118-113
Fri 25Cleveland CavaliersMILWAUKEE BUCKS102-117
Sun 27Dallas MavericksMILWAUKEE BUCKS115-124
Wed 30MILWAUKEE BUCKSNew York Knicks109-103
Fri 02LOS ANGELES LAKERSMilwaukee Bucks133-129
Sat 03MILWAUKEE BUCKSCharlotte Hornets105-96
Mon 05MILWAUKEE BUCKSOrlando Magic109-102
Wed 07Sacramento KingsMILWAUKEE BUCKS113-126
Fri 09MILWAUKEE BUCKSDallas Mavericks106-105
Sun 11Milwaukee BucksHOUSTON ROCKETS92-97
Tue 13Golden State WarriorsMILWAUKEE BUCKS111-128
Thu 15Milwaukee BucksMEMPHIS GRIZZLIES101-142
Sat 17Utah JazzMILWAUKEE BUCKS97-123
Mon 19MILWAUKEE BUCKSNew Orleans Pelicans128-119
Wed 21Milwaukee BucksCLEVELAND CAVALIERS106-114
Fri 23Milwaukee BucksBROOKLYN NETS100-118
Sun 25Milwaukee BucksBOSTON CELTICS118-139
Wed 28Milwaukee BucksCHICAGO BULLS113-119
Fri 30Minnesota TimberwolvesMILWAUKEE BUCKS114-123
Sun 01WASHINGTON WIZARDSMilwaukee Bucks118-95
Tue 03Washington WizardsMILWAUKEE BUCKS113-123
Wed 04MILWAUKEE BUCKSToronto Raptors104-101
Fri 06CHARLOTTE HORNETSMilwaukee Bucks138-109
Mon 09MILWAUKEE BUCKSNew York Knicks111-107
Wed 11MILWAUKEE BUCKSAtlanta Hawks114-105
Thu 12Milwaukee BucksMIAMI HEAT102-108
Sat 14Milwaukee BucksMIAMI HEAT95-111
Mon 16Indiana PacersMILWAUKEE BUCKS119-132
Tue 17Toronto RaptorsMILWAUKEE BUCKS122-130
Sat 21Milwaukee BucksCLEVELAND CAVALIERS102-114
Mon 23MILWAUKEE BUCKSDetroit Pistons150-130
Wed 25Denver NuggetsMILWAUKEE BUCKS99-107
Fri 27MILWAUKEE BUCKSIndiana Pacers141-131
Sun 29New Orleans PelicansMILWAUKEE BUCKS110-135
Tue 31Charlotte HornetsMILWAUKEE BUCKS115-124
Thu 02Los Angeles ClippersMILWAUKEE BUCKS105-106
Sat 04Miami HeatMILWAUKEE BUCKS115-123
Mon 06MILWAUKEE BUCKSPortland Trail Blazers127-108
Thu 09MILWAUKEE BUCKSLos Angeles Lakers115-106
Fri 10MILWAUKEE BUCKSLos Angeles Clippers119-106
Tue 14Boston CelticsMILWAUKEE BUCKS125-131
Thu 16MILWAUKEE BUCKSChicago Bulls112-100
Fri 24Miami HeatMILWAUKEE BUCKS99-128
Sun 26Phoenix SunsMILWAUKEE BUCKS101-104
Tue 28MILWAUKEE BUCKSBrooklyn Nets118-104
Wed 01Orlando MagicMILWAUKEE BUCKS117-139
Sat 04PHILADELPHIA 76ERSMilwaukee Bucks133-130
Sun 05MILWAUKEE BUCKSWashington Wizards117-111
Tue 07MILWAUKEE BUCKSOrlando Magic134-123
Thu 09Brooklyn NetsMILWAUKEE BUCKS113-118
Sat 11Milwaukee BucksGOLDEN STATE WARRIORS116-125
Mon 13MILWAUKEE BUCKSSacramento Kings133-124
Tue 14MILWAUKEE BUCKSPhoenix Suns116-104
Thu 16INDIANA PACERSMilwaukee Bucks139-123
Sun 19Toronto RaptorsMILWAUKEE BUCKS111-118
Wed 22San Antonio SpursMILWAUKEE BUCKS94-130
Fri 24MILWAUKEE BUCKSUtah Jazz144-116
Sat 25Milwaukee BucksDENVER NUGGETS106-129
Mon 27MILWAUKEE BUCKSDetroit Pistons126-117
Wed 29MILWAUKEE BUCKSIndiana Pacers149-136
Thu 30BOSTON CELTICSMilwaukee Bucks140-99
Sun 02Philadelphia 76ersMILWAUKEE BUCKS104-117
Tue 04MILWAUKEE BUCKSWashington Wizards140-128
Wed 05Chicago BullsMILWAUKEE BUCKS92-105
Fri 07MEMPHIS GRIZZLIESMilwaukee Bucks137-114
Sun 09Milwaukee BucksTORONTO RAPTORS105-121
Sun 16MIAMI HEATMilwaukee Bucks130-117
Wed 19Miami HeatMILWAUKEE BUCKS122-138
Sat 22Milwaukee BucksMIAMI HEAT99-121
Mon 24Milwaukee BucksMIAMI HEAT114-119
Wed 26MIAMI HEATMilwaukee Bucks128-126
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