International NBA players Brazil

List of NBA players from Brazil that have played in the league (Some players signed by teams may appear in the list although they have not played in the NBA).

NamePos.HeightIn the NBA
Rafael AraújoC2.11/ 6'11''200420073
Leandro BarbosaSG/PG1.91/ 6'3''2003201714
Bruno CabocloPF/SF2.06/ 6'9''201420195
Vítor FaveraniC2.11/ 6'11''201320141
Cristiano FelicioC2.09/ 6'10''201520194
Rolando FerreiraC2.16/ 7'1''198819891
Alex GarciaSG1.91/ 6'3''200320052
Nene HilarioC2.11/ 6'11''2002201917
Marcelinho HuertasPG/SG1.91/ 6'3''201520172
Fab MeloC2.13/ 7'0''201220131
Raul NetoPG1.88/ 6'2''201520194
Lucas NogueiraC2.13/ 7'0''201420184
Tiago SplitterC2.11/ 6'11''201020177
Anderson VarejaoC2.11/ 6'11''2004201713
Joao ViannaSF2.06/ 6'9''199119921
Marcus ViniciusSF2.03/ 6'8''200620082