International NBA players Australia

List of NBA players from Australia that have played in the league (Some players signed by teams may appear in the list although they have not played in the NBA).

NamePos.HeightIn the NBA
David AndersenC/PF2.12/ 6'11''200920112
Chris AnsteyC2.13/ 7'0''199720003
Cameron BairstowPF/C2.06/ 6'9''201420162
Aron BaynesC2.08/ 6'10''201220219
Andrew BogutC2.13/ 7'0''2005201914
Jonah BoldenPF/C2.04/ 6'8''201820202
Mark BradtkeC2.08/ 6'10''199619971
Ryan BroekhoffSF1.98/ 6'6''201820202
Mitch CreekSF1.96/ 6'5''201820191
Dyson DanielsSF/SG2.03/ 6'8''202220230
Matthew DellavedovaPG1.91/ 6'3''201320238
Dante ExumPG/SG1.96/ 6'5''201420216
Andrew GazeSG2.01/ 6'7''199319992
Josh GiddeySG/PG2.03/ 6'8''202120231
Josh GreenSF1.98/ 6'6''202020232
Shane HealPG1.83/ 6'0''199620042
Isaac HumphriesC/PF2.13/ 7'0''201820191
Joe InglesSF/SG2.01/ 6'7''201420228
Kyrie IrvingPG1.88/ 6'2''2011202311
Nathan JawaiC2.08/ 6'10''200820102
Jock LandaleC2.11/ 6'11''202120231
Luc LongleyC2.18/ 7'2''1991200110
Will MagnayPF/C2.08/ 6'10''202020211
Mangok MathiangPF/C2.08/ 6'10''201720181
William McDowell-WhitePG/SG1.96/ 6'5''--------0
Patty MillsPG/SG1.85/ 6'1''2009202313
Luke SchenscherC2.16/ 7'1''200520072
Ben SimmonsPF/PG2.07/ 6'9''201720234
Jack WhitePF/SF2.00/ 6'7''202220230
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