All-time NBA players Last names starting with z

List of all-time nba players with last names starting with Z (Some players signed by teams may appear in the list although they have not played in the NBA). Active players in the NBA or another proffesional league are listed in blue. Hall of Fame members are listed in bold.

NamePos.HeightIn the NBA
Rade ZagoracSF/SG2.05/ 6'9''--------0
Max ZaslofskySG1.88/ 6'2''1946195610
Zeke ZawolukPF/C2.00/ 6'7''195219553
Nick ZeisloftSG1.93/ 6'4''--------0
Cody ZellerC/PF2.13/ 7'0''201320184
Gary ZellerSG1.90/ 6'3''197019722
Luke ZellerC/PF2.11/ 6'11''201220131
Tyler ZellerC2.13/ 7'0''201220185
Wang ZhizhiC2.13/ 7'0''200020055
Jiri ZidekC2.13/ 7'0''199519983
Derrick ZimmermanPG/SG1.90/ 6'3''200520061
Stephen ZimmermanC2.13/ 7'0''201620171
Paul ZipserSF/SG2.03/ 6'8''201620181
Ante ZizicC2.12/ 6'11''201720180
Brian ZoubekC2.16/ 7'1''--------0
Ivica ZubacC2.16/ 7'1''201620181