Active NBA players Last names starting with o

List of active NBA players with last names starting with O that are members of one of the 30 team rosters of the league.

NamePos.HeightIn the NBA
Semi OjeleyeSF/PF2.01/ 6'7''201720192
Jahlil OkaforC2.11/ 6'11''201520194
Élie OkoboPG1.88/ 6'2''201820191
Josh OkogieSG1.96/ 6'5''201820191
KZ OkpalaSF/PF2.06/ 6'9''--------0
Victor OladipoSG1.93/ 6'4''201320196
Kelly OlynykPF/C2.13/ 7'0''201320196
Royce O'NealeSG/SF1.98/ 6'6''201720192
Miye OniSG1.96/ 6'5''--------0
Kyle O'QuinnC2.08/ 6'10''201220197
Cedi OsmanSF/PF2.04/ 6'8''201720192
Kelly OubreSF/PF2.01/ 6'7''201520194