NBA all-time leaders Free throws made

NBA Regular Season

1.Karl MaloneKarl Malone6.6
2.Moses Malone8,5316.4
3.Kobe Bryant8,3786.2
4.Oscar Robertson7,6947.4
5.LeBron James*7,4685.8
6.Michael Jordan7,3276.8
7.Dirk Nowitzki7,2404.8
8.Jerry West7,1607.7
9.Paul Pierce6,9185.2
10.Adrian Dantley6,8327.2
11.Dolph Schayes6,7126.7
12.Kareem Abdul-Jabbar6,7124.3
13.Allen Iverson6,3757.0
14.James Harden*6,3677.6
15.Charles Barkley6,3495.9
16.Reggie Miller6,2374.5
17.Bob Pettit6,1827.8
18.Carmelo Anthony*6,0845.4
19.Wilt Chamberlain6,0575.8
20.David Robinson6,0356.1
21.Dominique Wilkins6,0315.6
22.Shaquille O'Neal5,9354.9
23.Tim Duncan5,8964.2
24.Kevin Durant*5,8226.8
25.Elgin Baylor5,7636.8
26.Dwyane Wade5,7085.4
27.Hakeem Olajuwon5,4234.4
28.Lenny Wilkens5,3945.0
29.Patrick Ewing5,3924.6
30.John Havlicek5,3694.2
31.Elvin Hayes5,3564.1
32.Dwight Howard*5,1624.6
33.Walt Bellamy5,1134.9
34.Chet Walker5,0794.9
35.Tom Chambers5,0664.6
36.Paul Arizin5,0107.0
37.Russell Westbrook*4,9985.6
38.Magic Johnson4,9605.5
39.Kevin Garnett4,8873.3
40.Vince Carter4,8523.1

NBA Playoffs

1.LeBron JamesLeBron James*6.7
2.Michael Jordan1,4638.2
3.Kobe Bryant1,3206.0
4.Karl Malone1,2696.6
5.Tim Duncan1,2174.8
6.Jerry West1,2137.9
7.Shaquille O'Neal1,1685.4
8.Dirk Nowitzki1,0747.4
9.Magic Johnson1,0685.6
10.Kareem Abdul-Jabbar1,0504.4
11.Kevin Durant*1,0137.3
12.Dwyane Wade9515.4
13.Larry Bird9015.5
14.James Harden*8886.9
15.John Havlicek8745.1

Hispanic players

1.Pau GasolPau Gasol3.9
2.Rolando Blackman3,6203.7
3.Manu Ginóbili3,3803.2
4.Marc Gasol*2,7913.3
5.Ricky Rubio*1,7673.1
6.Trevor Ariza*1,6741.6
7.Luis Scola1,4522.0
8.Al Horford*1,4341.7
9.Andrés Nocioni9641.9
10.José Juan Barea9321.1
(*) Active player in the NBA
(*) Active player in the NBA
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