NBA players drafted/signed out of Western Kentucky

The basketball team of Western Kentucky is currently part of the NCAA Division I. The team plays in the Conference USA conference and is nicknamed as the Hilltoppers.

46 players have been selected out of Western Kentucky in NBA draft history, 8 in the first round (0 during the last 10 years), 8 in the second round and 1 among the top 3 picks. The last time a player out of Western Kentucky was selected in the NBA draft was in 2021.

NBA teams with most selected players drafted out of Western Kentucky: Sacramento Kings (5 times), Philadelphia 76ers (5), Boston Celtics (4).

Active NBA players drafted/signed out of Western Kentucky 1

Former NBA players out of Western Kentucky 1

NameDraftPos.HtIn the NBA
Courtney Lee2008 (22)F/G1.96/ 6'5''2008202012
Jeremy Evans2010 (55)SF/PF2.06/ 6'9''201020187
Chris Robinson1996 (51)SG1.96/ 6'5''199619982
Darnell Mee1993 (34)SG1.96/ 6'5''199319952
Tellis Frank1987 (14)PF2.08/ 6'10''198719945
Kannard Johnson1987 (41)PF/SF2.05/ 6'9''198719881
Jim McDaniels1971 (23)C2.11/ 6'11''197119785
Clem Haskins1967 (3)PG1.91/ 6'3''196719769
Greg Smith1968 (50)SF1.96/ 6'5''196819768
Clarence Glover1971 (10)SF2.03/ 6'8''197119721
Chuck Osborne1961 (28)PF1.98/ 6'6''196119621
Tom Marshall1954 (7)F/G1.93/ 6'4''195419594
Art Spoelstra1954 (34)C2.05/ 6'9''195419584
Forest Able1956 (21)SG/PG1.91/ 6'3''195619571
Odie Spears1948 (41)F/G1.96/ 6'5''194819578
Dan King1954 (-)PF/SF1.98/ 6'6''195419551
Jack Turner1954 (8)F/G1.93/ 6'4''195419551
Bob Lavoy1950 (9)PF/C2.01/ 6'7''195019544
Gene Rhodes1952 (35)SG/PG1.85/ 6'1''195219531
John Oldham1949 (15)SG/PG1.90/ 6'3''194919512
Dee Gibson1948 (57)G/F1.81/ 5'11''194919501
Charlie Parsleyn.dSG/PG1.88/ 6'2''194919501
Don Ray1948 (11)PF/C1.96/ 6'5''194919501
Blackie Toweryn.dPF/C1.93/ 6'4''194819502
John Millsn.dC/PF2.03/ 6'8''194619471
Buck Sydnorn.dPG/SG1.78/ 5'10''194619471
Virgil Vaughnn.dSF/PF1.93/ 6'4''194619471

Other NBA draft picks out of Western Kentucky 1

19622032Bobby RascoeNew York Knicks
19672334Dwight SmithLos Angeles Lakers
19592438Ralph CroswaiteBoston Celtics
19582743Ralph CroswaiteDetroit Pistons
19502733Buddy CatePhiladelphia Warriors
197128211Jim RoseBoston Celtics
19514757Rip GishBoston Celtics
19585274Owen LawsonNew York Knicks
19665666Steve CunninghamCincinnati Royals
19575681Bob DanielsCincinnati Royals
198761315Clarence MartinUtah Jazz
195070610John GivensRochester Royals
19647694Darel CarrierSt. Louis Hawks
197582510Mike OdemsCleveland Cavaliers
198085416Billy BryantPhiladelphia 76ers
198290421Craig McCormickLos Angeles Lakers
1972107710Jerry DunnSeattle SuperSonics
196811094Wayne ChapmanBaltimore Bullets
1976120716Johnny BrittCleveland Cavaliers
1983132616Tony WilsonSeattle SuperSonics
1970153917Walker BanksNew York Knicks
1967156164Wayne ChapmanPhiladelphia 76ers
1971173115Jerome PerrySeattle SuperSonics
1984207101Gary CarverIndiana Pacers
(1) Non NCAA international players are listed by the country in which they were playing when drafted or signed if undrafted.
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