NBA players drafted/signed out of N.D.

23 players have been selected out of N.D. in NBA draft history, 0 in the first round (0 during the last 10 years), 2 in the second round and 0 among the top 3 picks. The last time a player out of N.D. was selected in the NBA draft was in 2018.

NBA teams with most selected players drafted out of N.D.: Baltimore Bullets (5 times), Atlanta Hawks (3), Boston Celtics (2).

Active NBA players drafted/signed out of N.D. 1

Former NBA players out of N.D. 1

NameDraftPos.HtIn the NBA
Brian Bowen2019 (-)F/G1.98/ 6'6''201920212
Norvel Pelle2014 (-)C/PF2.08/ 6'10''201920212
Connie Simmonsn.dC/PF2.03/ 6'8''1946195610
Bob Knightn.dSG/PG1.88/ 6'2''195419551
George Ratkoviczn.dPF1.98/ 6'6''194919556
Stan Miasekn.dC/PF1.96/ 6'5''194619536
Stan Brownn.dSF/PF1.91/ 6'3''194719522
Ed Stanczakn.dPG/SG1.85/ 6'1''194919512
Jim Brownen.dC2.08/ 6'10''194819502
Herm Fuetschn.dPG/SG1.83/ 6'0''194719481
Pop Goodwinn.dSG/PG1.88/ 6'2''194619482
Leo Gottliebn.dPG/SG1.80/ 5'11''194619482
Nat Hickeyn.dG/F1.80/ 5'11''194719481
Tony Kappenn.dPG/SG1.78/ 5'10''194619471
Ed Kasidn.dPG/SG1.81/ 5'11''194619471
Red Mihalikn.dPG/SG1.83/ 6'0''194619471
John Murphyn.dG/F1.88/ 6'2''194619471
Nick Shabackn.dPG1.80/ 5'11''194619471

Other NBA draft picks out of N.D. 1

19472434Joe BarryProvidence Steamrollers
19472535Ed GolubNew York Knicks
19473141George BrownPittsburgh Ironmen
200344215Malick BadianeHouston Rockets
19554971Joe FittSt. Louis Hawks
19475162Bob AlemeidaBoston Celtics
19477191George PetrovickBoston Celtics
195782131Ed RomanoffSt. Louis Hawks
195785152Jerry GibsonPhiladelphia Warriors
196190107Tom FaszholzSt. Louis Hawks
195498123John GlinskiPhiladelphia Warriors
195398122Russ JohnsonBaltimore Bullets
1965104151Dave HicksBaltimore Bullets
1953105132Don StemmerichBaltimore Bullets
1953108141Bob KrabackBaltimore Bullets
1953111151Joe PiorkowskiBaltimore Bullets
1953114161Edward WalshBaltimore Bullets
19681711311Pat HobardPhoenix Suns
1968193164Dick HarrisCincinnati Royals
1968211194Jay ReffordsCincinnati Royals
(1) Non NCAA international players are listed by the country in which they were playing when drafted or signed if undrafted.
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