Philadelphia 76ers team salaries 2016-17 season

Andrew Bogut *$10,527,027
Jerryd Bayless$9,424,084$9,000,000$8,575,916
Gerald Henderson$9,000,000$9,000,000
Tiago Splitter$8,550,000
Sergio Rodríguez$8,000,000
Carl Landry *$6,500,000
Ben Simmons$5,903,160$6,168,840$6,434,520$8,113,930$10,548,109
Joel Embiid$4,826,160$6,100,266$8,003,549
Jahlil Okafor$4,788,840$4,995,120$6,313,832$8,283,747
Nik Stauskas$2,993,040$3,807,147$5,132,034
Tibor Pleiss *$2,900,000$500,000
Dario Saric$2,318,280$2,422,560$2,526,840$3,481,986$4,791,212
Justin Anderson$1,514,160$1,579,440$2,516,048$3,625,625
Sasha Kaun *$1,333,420
Timothe Luwawu$1,326,960$1,386,600$1,544,951$2,529,684$3,698,397
Richaun Holmes$1,025,831$1,014,746$1,088,038
Robert Covington$1,015,696$1,087,745
Elton Brand *$1,000,000
T.J. McConnell$874,636$1,471,382$1,600,520
Hollis Thompson *$442,126
Chasson Randle *$297,311
Shawn Long$186,482$1,312,611$1,544,951$1,876,735
Brandon Paul *$155,000
James Webb *$65,000
Justin Harper *$57,672
Cat Barber *$50,000
Alex Poythress$35,166

* Player no longer with team

Non guaranteed
Player option
Early termination option
Team option
Qualifying offer

Salaries and contract types explanation

If the player is waived, he has the right to receive the complete contract amount.
Non guaranteed
Team can waive the player before preestablished dates, paying only a partial amount of the contract. Once season starts, all contracts become guaranteed for the rest of the season after January 10th.
Player option
If the player exercise the option before June 25th, he will remain with the team, otherwise he becomes a free agent.
Early termination option
Similar to player option. The player must exercise it before June 30th to become a free agent.
Team option
If the team doesn't exercise the option before July 1st, the player is released.
Qualifying offer
The player can accept qualifying offer and becomes a free agent (free to sign with any other team) at the end of the following season. If the player doesn't accept it, he becomes a restricted free agent (team has the right to match any offer sheet signed with other team).
Player retired due to medical reasons. Salary doesn't count against team salary cap.
Player waived using new CBA amnesty clause. Salary doesn't count against team salary cap.
Warning.- Salaries and conditions may be inaccurate given that no official data is released by NBA teams. Salaries data comes from the media and other non official sources.