All-time NBA players Last names starting with y

List of all-time nba players with last names starting with Y (Some players signed by teams may appear in the list although they have not played in the NBA). Active players in the NBA or another proffesional league are listed in blue. Hall of Fame members are listed in bold.

NamePos.HeightIn the NBA
Vincent YarbroughSF/SG2.00/ 6'7''200220031
George YardleySF/SG1.96/ 6'5''195319607
Wayne YatesC2.03/ 6'8''196119621
B.J. YoungSG/PG1.91/ 6'3''--------0
Danny YoungPG1.91/ 6'3''1984199510
James YoungSG/SF1.98/ 6'6''201420172
Joseph YoungPG/SG1.88/ 6'2''201520171
Korleone YoungSF2.01/ 6'7''199819991
Michael YoungSF/SG2.01/ 6'7''198419903
Nick YoungSG/SF2.01/ 6'7''200720179
Patric YoungC/PF2.06/ 6'9''--------0
Sam YoungSF/SG1.98/ 6'6''200920134
Thaddeus YoungPF2.03/ 6'8''200720179
Tim YoungC2.13/ 7'0''199920001
Sun YuePG/SG2.05/ 6'9''200820091